Spice Up Your Life: Intimacy Tips and Tricks for Quarantine

Being in isolation due to COVID-19 is difficult as it is. There’s so much uncertainty about life right now. Questions are constantly floating through everyone’s minds like, when will there be a vaccine? How risky are certain public activities? When will life resume a semblance of normalcy? Romantic couples are luckier than many others at this time because they can keep each other company. That being said, your love life can still feel stagnant if you’ve run out of ideas during your time in quarantine. Being single and without a partner or being separated from your partner is way more difficult. People have needs, and that’s okay, but during these times, everyone must find a way to meet the need of intimacy without endangering themselves and others. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the intimacy you require during a time of social distancing.

No time to waste

Eventually, everyone will be able to gather in groups of ten or more, which means you’ll be able to safely date again. If going through the process of a few dates is too long of a wait for your needs, there are free sex apps that help you get straight to the point. There’s always time to use dating sites to find a relationship later. Fulfill your desires with absolutely no strings attached. Your next hook up is local and just waiting for you to set a time and place. If your needs are very specific, you can use a filter to find a man or woman that fits your type exactly. Be safe and have fun!

The ghost pepper of intimacy

Whether you’re meeting someone new or continuing an established intimate relationship, sometimes you need to put a little spice into your interactions. If your partner is living elsewhere and all of your communication has been through video chat, try building the suspense. The next time you chat, surprise your partner with sexy lingerie that you bought specifically to show him or her. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. With this amount of time apart, you can certainly build up a lot of anticipation. Pick something that not only your partner will enjoy, but that you will feel fiery in, too. If that’s a stretch latex shelf bra or a “midnight dream” sleepwear set, do whatever feels right to you.

Take a useful online quiz

To unlock another level of intimacy, you and your romantic partner should take an online love languages quiz. There are five love languages, including words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch. If your partner’s primary love language is physical touch, that can be a little difficult to accomplish during this time. Instead, learn about their second rated love language and give them something related. If your partner’s first love language is words of affirmation, write them a thoughtful letter describing everything you adore about them and send it through snail mail. If it’s acts of service and they live with a roommate, text their roommate and ask if they wouldn’t mind doing some chores around the house—then tell your partner you’re responsible. Send them a gift if gifts make them feel loved, or have an extra long FaceTime call if quality time is what makes them happy.

A supplement for physical touch

Physical intimacy, like touch, is important. If you’re on your own during this time, touch can be impossible to come by. There’s not a perfect substitute for a hug, but you may be able to get closer than you think. Wrapping yourself in a weighted blanket is quite close to the feeling of being held by your partner. If you’re having trouble sleeping without him or her, get a weighted blanket and a body pillow. When you close your eyes, it will feel like someone’s holding you.

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