How to Plan an Unforgettable Hen’s Night

hen-partyCongratulations, you’ve landed The Gig. You’re excited, nervous and a bit unsure of how to proceed from here; you’ve been chosen to spoil the bride with the night of her single life. The very last night. To avoid tripping over the proverbial stiletto and falling face flat into the bride’s personal nightmare, we’ve compiled our top tips for planning the perfect hen’s night.


Ask the Right Questions

Every bride is different. Getting married is a monumental decision; the bride has severe pressure on her to look beautiful and smile while hobbling around in impossibly high shoes under yards of fabric that you may have to hold to the side in an effort to go to the bathroom. Your relationship will change forever. With this in mind, ask the right questions. Does she want a boozy, girl-pal fiesta or an elegant high-tea? Do strippers excite or repulse her? Does she like crowded bars and clubs? Or can you volunteer your place to test the waters before going out, stocking the fridge with her favourite mixers?

Stand Out: Personalise!

Chances are you’ve all had many boozy bouts together, trickling through the door and climbing into bed or the closest patch of vacant carpet at 5am. Make the night pop in her memory; the bride-to-be should not confuse your Hen’s Night with an older party or incorporate events from both to tell a better story. Don’t spend a fortune on a fondue fountain and custom cup-cakes -unless you want to – instead, get your girlfriends together and make a photo stream or Instagram account dedicated to her, incorporating messages from the girls, her parents and colleagues. Mix her favourite Spotify playlists with old favourites and hand her a favourite cocktail with a cheeky garnish. Make her feel special, give her a sash and tiara, remind her she’s the most important person in the room. Tip: Invest in a Polaroid Camera!

Spend the Day Together

Whether you’ve opted for a heavy, heady night of cocktails and dancing or an afternoon tea of coffee, champagne and cake, a spa appointment for your bride-to-be and fellow bridesmaids will relieve any sore feet and muscles the following day. Refresh the body and soul for coming nuptials and indulge your best friend in a massage and body mask.

As your time closes and conversation turns to the unspoken events of the night before, gather your party favours and pass each bag among the girls, as they re-live their favourite moments. Instruct each bridesmaid she may not open the bag until she leaves the spa. Some common favours include mini vibrators, hand cuffs, massage oils and lubricants. Pass around a Bachelorette Book for each bridesmaid and friend to record a final message to the bride before her wedding. If you’ve been party savvy and snapped up a Polaroid, include them in the book before the bride leaves in her limo.

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Guest Post contributed by Perl Watson

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