4 Ideas or a Less Traditional Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

When you get older and eventually find the one you want to settle down with and spend the rest of your lives together, there are a lot of factors and events you’ll need to consider and plan. Two of the most traditional events are the bachelor/bachelorette parties. When most people heart bachelor or bachelorette party, they usually think of drinking too much, misbehaving and possibly a couple stops at questionable establishments. If you are taking the plunge into marriage soon, but these kinds of parties aren’t your cup of tea, here are four ideas that you can try that are a little more “family friendly,” if you will.


  1. Top Golf

If you don’t know what Top Golf is, you need to find the nearest location and go ASAP. At Top Golf, they have small chips in each of the balls and a number of targets placed along the range. The competition is to see how many points you can accumulate by getting as close to the target as possible. It’s a fun event for all ages, and those who want to can still have a few adult beverages.Top Golf is a great idea for anyone looking for a more non traditional route, but more for the bachelors than bachelorettes.


  1. Scavenger Hunt

Organizing a scavenger hunt is a great way to involve a little bit of competition with a whole lot of fun. Try to think of objects for your list that will be both easy to find and some more difficult. Break into different groups or teams, set a time limit, and go! You could do this together if you only want to plan one event, or the future bride and groom can have them seperately, that’s your decision to make.

  1. Across the Town Relay Race

This one will take a little more planning and preparation but can be really fun when done right. It is a little like the scavenger hunt, but instead of collecting items off a list, you have to complete a list of tasks. For example, one person might be tasked with taking a selfie at the capitol building before meeting the next person at the train stop to continue to the next stop. Obviously the point is to finish your list before the others, but most of the fun is in the running around.


  1. Naturize It

If you already have enough chaos and events happening in your life, maybe you would prefer to relax and do nothing at all. This is totally fine. Maybe you can find a nice campground to go for a night or two. Also, since you won’t be sending money on going out, take the opportunity to treat yourself to some new athletic gear from Nike. You’re about to get married, buy yourself something nice for your last big bang before taking the plunge!

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