10 Reasons Why Printed Wedding Albums Are Becoming More Popular In This Digital Era

In the modern era, so much has been digitized such that people are both literally and figuratively losing touch with the meaning of having tangible items. Printed albums used to be a part of this category, but not anymore.


There’s usually a beautiful feeling that comes from seeing your pictures in print and not just on a phone or on a computer. They are like a time portal that helps you relive some of the most special moments in your life such as birthdays, get-togethers, or in this case, your wedding day.


It’s likely that you have it hard to part with more than a few hundred dollars to get a wedding photographer to do cover your special day. Leaving those pictures to exist digitally on a cloud or on a hard drive would be doing those pictures as well as yourself an injustice.


Here are ten reasons why more people are printing their wedding albums.


1. Technology Is Not Exactly Reliable

Technology is great. It’s because of technology that we are able to take pictures in the first place. However, it would be prudent to assume that platforms like Facebook, Google Drive, and Instagram will be around forever.


The safest bet is to make a physical copy of your wedding pictures in addition to storing them digitally. This way, you’ll be sure to keep your pictures for a generation and you won’t need a machine or the internet to access these pictures either.


2. Relive Your Wedding

By nature of their craft, photographers are storytellers. An expert Hertfordshire wedding photographer will spend hours taking pictures that will tell the story of how your wedding day unfolded.


From getting ready in the morning to the moment you say your vows to each other, your wedding day will tell as much a story as the relationship you and your partner have created and grown together. Printing your wedding day pictures will allow you to re-experience your wedding in a way that an online slideshow can’t.


3. Printed Albums Are More Private

Uploading your wedding pictures online is not a bad thing but are sure you want to allow netizens access to what is considered an intimate event between you and your partner? You might be able to adjust the privacy of who gets to see the pictures but there’s always the risk that prying strangers will somehow gain unauthorized access.


4. Store Memories for a Lifetime

Your wedding day itself will most likely be a once in a lifetime event. Having your wedding photo album printed will serve for good memories as you and your partner age together as a family.


Wedding photo albums are the backbone of memories that you, your partner, and your family and friends made and will cherish for a long time. The better part is you can share the memories with future generations they can use both as inspiration and photographic evidence of their lineage.


5. Printed Pictures Show More Emotion

Weddings are emotional moments for everyone. Printed pictures do a better job than digital pictures in showcasing the emotions that took over on that day. Going through your wedding album can be uplifting, mesmerizing, and more satisfying than any photo seen on a screen.


6. Not Everyone Is Tech-Savvy

The world has gone a long way in modernizing how we communicate with each other. However, you’ll find that not everyone is online. Old people such as your grandparents, for example, will not be able to see your pictures if you were to post them online.


It’s also likely that old people have a traditional approach to viewing pictures. For them to also enjoy pictures of your wedding, you should give them that satisfaction by printing a wedding album.


7. Printed Photos Do Not Need Updating

People used to watch movies on VCRs, then came VCDs, and later on DVDs. Compared to online platforms or digital forms of storing software such as CDs and hard drives, print has survived almost every technological advancement. Modern data storage formats might get outdated but a printed album will live on.


8. Printed Photos Can Be Customized According to Your Needs

An advantage printed pictures have over digital pictures is that they can be edited, styled, and resized as per how you deem fit. There are various styles and sizes you can select from your catalog of pictures to have on your album. With digital pictures, the picture is only as large as the screen it’s being viewed from.


Also, where you print your pictures means a great deal. Unfortunately, it’s not common knowledge that you can tell there’s a huge difference between pictures printed by a professional and those printed by the average consumer lab. You want to use a good Hertford wedding photographer that does high-quality prints be it small prints or canvas to have against your wall.


9. Printed Photos Are Artistic

When you hire a photographer to cover your wedding, you should bear in mind that you’re hiring an artist to use their artistic talent and vision to photograph your day. What better way to display artistic pictures than to have a picture album printed.


10. A Printed Wedding Album Can Make Your Marriage Stronger

Going through the pictures of your wedding day together with your partner can help strengthen the bond between you and your spouse. By reliving the day you both made your marriage vows to each other will renew the sentimental value of your wedding day thus giving you both a much stronger sense of connection.


Printed Pictures are Memories in their Most Physical Form


The importance of having hard copies of your wedding pictures cannot be compared to any JPEG file. The experience of flipping through album pictures is far more satisfying than swiping across a screen. Additionally, a wedding picture album has the ability to take you and your family back in time.


Even with modern advancements in technology, print has managed to hold its own as it never goes out of fashion. Hopefully, the reasons highlighted above should make you to strongly consider printing your wedding pictures.








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