So Many Wedding Venues But Which One To Choose?

When it comes to your big day, it’s crucial that you get the venue right. As one of the most important aspects of the day, you can’t afford to get the venue wrong, as this can have a knock on effect on the rest of the wedding. If you want some things to think about to help you get it right, read on for our pointers.

Firstly, you need to think about the tone of the wedding. Is it going to be a very traditional, conservative affair, or an informal event with lots of fun? Will you have your entire group of friends or is it an exclusive event for a carefully chosen few? Do you want to include any cultural influences? The type of wedding you’re planning should have a great bearing on the type of venue you select.

The location is also absolutely vital. If you have a lot of people you want to invite along, make sure your venue isn’t so far away that it will put people off making the trip. Also think about whether or not you’ll be inviting young children. Parents with little ones won’t want to make a long round trip with tired, grizzly toddlers, so bear this in mind. If people are going to need to stay over, make sure you find somewhere with nearby accommodation for the sake of convenience for your guests.

One of the most important reminders of your wedding will be the photography. While a good wedding photographer can make almost any venue look stunning, it makes it a lot easier if the venue is attractive in the first place. If you want traditional shots of the entire wedding party, you’ll need to make sure there are some beautiful grounds to gather everyone in. If you want something a little bit different that will act as a talking point, find somewhere with some real points of interest for the photographer to focus on. You may find photographers who have close ties with a specific venue or who may happen to be very local to a certain venue meaning that they have a great deal of experience of taking photographs there. This may be a reassuring nudge in the direction of a chosen photographer, especially if they know the best locations and shots to take around a venue. They will already know which shots work best for big group pictures, individual shots, inside and outside photographs, in addition to the best times of day to get the most romantic pre-wedding shots taken.

Transport should be another factor in your venue decision. Not all of your guests will want to or be able to drive, so places with good public transport links will help these guests out immensely and won’t mean they have to spend a fortune on taxis even to the hotel if they are staying overnight to fully enjoy the festivites.

The wedding venue will inevitably be one of the most talked-about aspects of the entire wedding, so make sure you think it through carefully to ensure you get it right.

About the author:Krishanthi Williams is a contemporary wedding photographer working at many top end wedding venues in and around London such as Clissold House, Clandon Park and The RSA House. If you would like to know more about having your wedding photographs taken at one of these venues or similar, get in touch to find out more.

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