You and Your Wedding Ring

Your choice of wedding ring is probably the most important of all the decisions you will have to make concerning your wedding day. The ceremony, the dress, the guests and the honeymoon will all too soon become memories, but your wedding ring is permanent. It remains as a lasting reminder of your wedding day and of your commitment to the one you love. So, whether your wear it on your finger in the traditional way or keep it on a chain around your neck as some do nowadays, you must choose carefully.

Wedding rings have been exchanged as a symbol of love and commitment for thousands of years. The complete unbroken circle means infinity and signifies eternal union. Since Roman times, the wedding ring has been worn on the third finger (or ring finger) because it was believed that a vein, the vena amoris, ran directly from there to the heart. While this has romantic connotations, the ring was not always a symbol of love. It was often used when families joined for fiscal reasons and represented a symbol of financial security. It was also a sign of possession, indicating that the woman was the man’s property but at the same time giving her the rights of a wife.

There are many designs of wedding rings but the traditional yellow or white gold band is still among the most popular. Other precious metals are also used with silver, platinum, titanium and palladium among the most commonly seen. Modern rings sometimes combine white and gold metals for a bi-coloured ring and, increasingly, gemstones like diamonds are mounted on the ring singly or in channels around the band. Also, some couples like to inscribe a message or the initials of their spouse and the date of their wedding on the inside of the band.

To find the style that best suits you and is within your budget, you can look online or else pay a visit to your local jewellery shops. Your jeweller will be able to check your ring size for you but, if you prefer, you can always check yourself using a ring sizer tool available on the Internet. Take your measurement in the morning and again in afternoon (when your finger will be at its largest due to the day’s activities). In any event, you should buy your ring well in advance of your wedding day, so that if the size is not quite right you can change the ring or get it altered in good time.

And, when the big day comes, you can always make it a little more special by having the rings brought to the best man by a pageboy bearing them on a cushion, just to add a touch of extra pageantry.

On a final note, when you have purchased your wedding ring it is a good idea to get it insured as soon as you can. Many rings get lost on honeymoons as couples enjoy their first few weeks together – swimming is a serious hazard for rings – and it is estimated that around 25% lose their wedding ring some time during the first five years of marriage. No matter how careful you are, you could lose the ring and, though the sentimental value can never be recovered, with insurance you will at least get some financial compensation.

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