Shop for engagement rings at Brian Gavin – Engagement ring vs. wedding ring and wedding band

We can’t deny the fact that marriage is a meaningful life decision which demands lot of planning and discussion. Just as you take time to choose your partner, once you settle down with one, equally demanding is the choice of wedding jewellery. The age-old tradition of exchanging wedding rings at a wedding has existed for more than hundred years now and it still happens to be of the most noteworthy symbols depicting commitment in the contemporary society. Amidst the plethora of options in terms of engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding bands, setting your hands on the right jewellery which can best represent your special bonding with your partner can indeed be challenging enough.

When you figure out the rings which you should buy, you are usually faced with wide variety of stones, styles, cuts and price tags of course. You have to decide on whether you need all three and if you do, do they require matching? As your partner will be wearing this piece of jewellery till her last breath, you should choose styles which she will love throughout her lifetime. Follow the basic guide in case you’re shopping for such pieces of jewellery.

Engagement ring vs. Wedding ring

There is enough reason behind why women dream about their ideal engagement rings from a very young age. They are the most extravagant of all other pieces of jewellery and they come in either ornate bands, elaborate settings or in a combination of white or colored diamonds. Engagement ring has a special significance since it is given during the proposal moment. As and when the woman replies ‘Yes’, she will be donning that piece of jewelry in order to signify her forthcoming wedding.

On the other hand wedding rings are less intricate but they still feature precious stones and pave diamonds. However, there are many brides which choose a plan gold and platinum band if their engagement ring was a flashier one. The timing of exchanging the rings is also a differentiating factor. Wedding rings are exchanged by the bride groom during the ceremony and they can be worn along with the engagement ring in the same finger. This is why the wedding ring is considered as the sign of eternal love which should always remain close to the heart of the wearer.

Wedding ring vs. wedding band

No, there isn’t any noteworthy difference between these 2 pieces of jewellery. Just because of the fact that more and more women started wearing wedding bands as they got feminine, such items were gradually morphed into wedding rings. As a matter of fact, the conventional wedding ring is a bit more stylish than the simple wedding band which has a simplistic design. They may have diamonds set all the way around or some exquisite decorative metal work. This is why a wedding band is much less costly than a wedding ring and is also less expensive than an engagement ring. You may shop for engagement rings at Brian Gavin as they have an exclusive collection for potential brides.

Buying a wedding ring – A short guide

  • Keep your lifestyle in mind: Don’t forget that your wedding ring will always be a part of your life and hence it will go through all activities like washing dishes, gardening and all other household chores. Hence, make sure you don’t buy a ring with an elaborate design which keeps you from doing household jobs.
  • Consider a budget: You should set a budget keeping your level of comfort in mind. They come in a wide range of prices and unless you set a budget of your own, you might find yourself crossing your budget.

Hence, if you have an impending wedding, make sure you follow the above mentioned guide on buying a wedding ring. Take all the necessary steps to stay within your budget and yet get the best item.

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