Reasons for The Popularity of Indian Gold Jewellery

Gold Bangles

Since the ancient times, gold has been the popular choice for making a wide variety of ornaments in India. Despite the constantly rising prices of this precious metal, its popularity has hardly diminished and even today, it takes the top spot as far as authentic Indian jewellery is concerned. In fact, for most Indians, gold jewellery forms an integral aspect of celebrating various festivals, functions and occasions. In view of the above facts it is really not surprising that when it comes to gold jewellery, India tops the list of consumers and importer of this metal in the global market. According to a recent study, Indians customers consume nearly one-third, which amounts to about 700 tones, of the total gold mined worldwide.


One of the most basic reasons behind this tremendous love of Indians for gold ornaments is concerned with their ancient customs and rituals. Indians in general believe that gold is one of the purest metals and hence consider it to be pious and even holy. That is why some sort of gold jewellery is almost always used during the traditional worship of gods and goddesses on various auspicious occasions. In various communities, it is also believed that wearing gold ornaments on special days and functions, especially by the ladies of the house, ensures greater prosperity and happiness for the entire family. That is why most Indians, especially females are found flaunting their gold ornaments on occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other family and social functions.


Another prominent reason for the popularity of gold jewellery among Indians is its immaculate beauty. No other metals can match the perfection and majesty of gold. Given the fact that Indian jewellery is almost always heavy and elaborate, it is only gold, which looks equally good alone as well as when combined with other metals or precious stones. Moreover gold is just perfect to be worn with any dress or outfit and, irrespective of its design, color combination or even fabric choice. Gold ornaments do not need to be mixed and matched to add beauty to a costume, rather the sheer splendor of gold is good enough to add brilliance to even the simplest of dresses. One single beautifully designed gold accessory is enough to make everyone pay attention to the wearer.


In addition to the general consumers, gold is also the metal most favored by jewellery designers, which is also a major reason for the phenomenal growth of gold market in India. Now there are lots of options are available where you can buy jewellery online in India. When the metal is its purest form, it can be easily molded into the most intricate designs. Given the love of Indians for heavy and elaborate gold ornaments having complex designs and patterns, it is only natural for craftsmen to prefer a metal which is most suitable for creating such designs. Although gold ornaments are rarely made from 100% pure metals, the flexibility of the gold even after adding certain impurities is greater than any other precious metal making it a great choice for creating a wide range of ornaments in different designs, shapes and patterns.

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