Best Man’s Guide To Organizing A Bachelor Party

The best man’s role is one of the most important ones in the entire wedding. As best man, you will need to
be there for the groom to give moral support when needed, write and give an epic speech on the big day, and of course organize the bachelor party.

With so many duties to do and so many things to remember, here is your ultimate best man’s guide to organizing the best “last night of freedom” for the groom, ever.


If you are the groom’s brother or best friend, you will know the people that he would want at his stag do. Ask for a guest list if you are unsure and then pick a date and invite as many people as you want. Some grooms like to have a big group of 20 guys on their bachelor party, whereas others are happy with a smaller group of 5 or 6. Ask him so that he is happy with the number.

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Do you want to go abroad or are you happy staying local? The problem with trips away is that not everyone can afford it and others may struggles to get time off work. If you stay local this always means that people can afford to get home and don’t have to worry about accommodation either. Pick a local activity such as a quad biking arena for the daytime, and then bars and clubs for the evening to stretch out the celebrations.


A taxi for a small group might work, or if you have a designated driver you can all drive into town. However, if you are going on your night out and you want to make it truly special, then hiring a party bus or limo can make it easy t get from place to place and is much more fun than taking a standard taxi.

Dress Code

A James Bond casino themed party will require tuxedos, something outdoors such as quad biking, archery or golf will require comfortable outdoor wear, or a fancy dress party will require fancy dress! Pick a theme and activities and center the dress code on this. If you are going somewhere and want to show that you are on a bachelor party night out, then you could have t-shirts designed for you.

Games And Activities

A bachelor party wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t organize any activities. These can be games just for the groom to do while you are doing your bar crawl such as buzzwords the groom is likely to say throughout the night such as “Drink” or their fiances name. Create a forfeit for every time they break the rule.

You will want to make sure that the bachelor party is an absolute killer, so organizing fun activities to do during the day as well as at night is a must. Quad biking, abseiling, surfing, and paintball are all popular stag do activities and are a great way of spending some fun time together during the day before your night-time celebrations.

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