Lovely Wedding Locations in the World

Wedding LocationsDo you want your wedding to be very romantic? Here are some of the loveliest wedding locations in the world.

Le Château D’esclimont, France
This is an attractive historical valley which sits on 150 acres of land. Le Château d’Esclimont, France is situated about forty five minutes away from the capital city of France, Paris. It is very ideal location for wedding ceremonies. In addition, your visitors can enjoy lovely services such as hiking, horseback riding, and fishing as they wait for your wedding.

California, U.S.
California is a very famous state in the world. It has attractive sites like mountains and warm sunny beaches. Your loving wedding can become realism at California’s vast variety of wedding venues, parks beaches, and unique occasion locations. There are numerous striking locations with hills, cliffs, and beaches that contribute to an ideal Californian wedding. A large number of talented merchants will enhance your wedding event.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali is very famous due to its striking beach wedding occasions and authentic Indonesian culture, food and dancing. Most young couples prefer conducting their weddings ceremonies in this place since they can enjoy their wedding on an amazing Indonesia Bali islands.

Venice, Italy
Venice is positioned in the northern side of Italy. With its attractive gondolas, waterways and canals, it is a wonderful wedding location in the world. In Venice, there are different wedding venues such as Palazzo Cavalli, Venetian Palace and SS. Giovanni e Paolo. The appeal of this city will absolutely win your hearts over. Consequently, it will give you lasting and romantic wedding memories.

Fijian Islands

In Fiji, you can hold your wedding ceremony in your preferred waterfall, tropical forest or beach which gives you ideal scenery for wedding photos. Wedding in Fiji is not expensive since no charges are incurred on renting reception halls. They always modify your wedding package which suits your budget. With more than 300 dissimilar islands, they offer bridal and reception options in abundance.

Florence, Italy

Florence is also one of the most attractive cities in the world. The Grand Hotel offers an amazing wedding destination to various people. Formerly, it was an 18th century fortress and later changed to become a luxury hotel. Instead of your visitors roaming around for your honeymoon and reception, you can essentially hold all proceedings at the grand ballroom in the hotel.

Tahiti, French Polynesia
Tahiti has beautiful natural and uncrowned islands that have countless beaches. Your day will basically start with a comforting message from Tahitian bridesmaids. The groom is clothed in traditional Tahitian bridal pareu and a cap of tropical leaves for some time. The couple will be soothed with traditional songs and dance from Tahitians. Tahiti is considered the best bridal location in the world by most people.

Napa Valley, U.S.
For any couple that prefers wine, Napa valley is ideal for your wedding. This place has several attractive vineyards and distinctive tourist attractions from San Francisco. Your guests will love this amusing venue for your wedding events.

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