Inspiring Body Paint Designs for Many Occasions

Body paint is a great way of expressing yourself, so whether you are planning on painting your body for artistic purposes, for musical festivals, or as a cheap fancy dress idea, there are plenty of very expressive and creative ideas for you to try out.

Rave or Music Festival

When you go to a music festival, it can often be difficult to decide what to wear, so if you really want to imagesstand out from the crowd, then you should think of a range of designs you might like to try. For example, multi colored flames, flowers, lines, a range of shapes, or you can go with a theme such as beach, floral or magical. Let your creative juices flow!


Whether at an art exhibition, street performance festival or taking part in a photography shoot, Wolfe body paint can be used to express emotions, seasons, artistic styles and much more. By applying different designs to different people, you can have your own living canvases which are a much more creative way of displaying your artistic style. Some people have even used body paint to show vital organs, muscles and the skeletal structure before – whatever your artistic intention, pick something that works well and puts across the type of message that you want.

Clothing and Jewelry

A creative way of using body paint is to use it as if you are wearing clothes. This is a great option if you are going to a party on a really hot day and want to wear as little as possible. Put on an old bikini or some shorts you don’t care about and get painting. Paint yourself a dress, a suit, a football shirt, socks, a tracksuit or anything you like. You can even add jewelry by painting on a necklace around your neck and back to add some fake ‘bling’ to your skin. People will love your creativity!

Cheap Fancy Dress

A great reason for using body paint is not just for its artistic merit, but also the fact that it can truly enhance any kind of fancy dress outfit. Body paint doesn’t cost a lot, and you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money trying to put a good fancy dress outfit together. Instead, you can paint on your outfit and really turn some heads at the party.

A great idea for a guy with a muscular physique is to go to a party as Superman, only, you don’t need to wear the spandex. All you need to do is put on a pair of tight red shorts or Speedos (!) and then paint your entire body blue, obviously leaving out your head, hands and the space across your chest for the “S”. You can even paint a yellow belt just around your hips. Make sure you leave enough time to put on and remove the paint before and after the party and spray your body with hairspray after it has been applied to prevent the paint from running or smudging.

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