How Soon Should You Start Shopping for Your Engagement Ring?

You’re sure your significant other is the one—and you’re finally ready to pop the question. Congratulations! However, you have a task to complete first. That’s right—you have to go through the daunting process of buying an engagement ring. If you think you can pop into your nearest jewelry store to buy the first ring, think again. From style to cut and size, a degree of time goes into selecting the perfect engagement ring.

So, when should you shop for the ring? While you don’t always have to spend six months on the decision, you need more than a week. If you don’t already have an engagement ring budget, you also need time to save for the expense. You don’t have to spend months of your salary on it, but you will need a significant amount of money. So, you will need at least two or three months to shop for an engagement ring. How soon should you start? Well, as soon as you think you’re ready to spend the rest of your life together. Here’s how to figure out how fast to prepare for this important shopping trips.

First, think about married life.

Are you ready for a big step like marriage? Are you unsure about your partner, or is it the shopping that’s driving you crazy? Sometimes, picking an engagement ring can be overwhelming. The process can be frustrating and affect your mental health. Of course, premarital counseling is a good idea before an upcoming marriage. However, it’s also a good thing to consider before you shop for a ring.

You can find a family therapist with years of experience who can help you navigate your feelings. Or, opt for a quick session with an online therapist or counselor about your feelings. Are you ready for the long-term commitment? Are you worried your partner will turn you down? Does the idea of a possible divorce scare you? It’s best to find professional help in this instance. If you and your partner have considered married life, opt for pre-engagement counseling. Couples therapy is the ideal way to assess whether you’re well-suited before you buy the ring. Premarital counseling courses can also help a couple have a happy marriage.

If the engagement is a surprise, work on your issues separately with a therapist. Pre-engagement jitters are a common issue. A licensed therapist or premarital counselor can help you work them out. Since you need time to prepare yourself for a long-term commitment, give yourself a few months to do this. You can begin shopping for your engagement ring during your counseling.

Consider what your partner wants.

Should you shop for a ring the minute you meet the right partner? It’s a good idea in theory, but it practice—probably not. Getting to know your partner’s preferences is essential. Would they prefer a new engagement ring or an heirloom? Do they want to take part in the process? Several couples shop for engagement rings together. So, you could technically pop the question with a stand-in ring.

If you want to buy the ring yourself, do some sleuthing to find their preferences. If they’re not too forthcoming, ask their friends for some ideas. Also, try looking at the style of jewelry they prefer. What shade of gold do they prefer for their bracelets? Do they own any other types of rings? If all else fails, ensure the ring you buy is returnable. It will help your partner make any modifications after the proposal if they choose to. You should spend your entire relationship noticing your partner’s preferences. However, if you’re doing this right before a proposal, give yourself at least a couple of weeks to figure it out.

Spend some time on research.


Once you’ve decided that you want your partner to be your fiancé, spend some time on research. Instead of popping right over to a jewelry store, set aside a few months to learn about engagement rings. The internet can answer most of your wedding ring related queries. You can also find out about carats, cuts, and color from a diamond expert to see which is right.

Since it can take several months to figure it out, start your search for the perfect store as early as possible. After all, there’s no use researching the perfect engagement ring if you don’t know where to buy it. Do a quick search online to find fine jewelry stores near you. Or, get more specific with your keywords when you search online. Search for “engagement rings Maryland” instead of just fine jewelry stores in Maryland. Once you find the store, talk to customer service to find out more about the jewelry. Do they have top designers to help you make a custom ring? How long will it take to design and package? If it’s an online store, are there free shipping and return options?

With everything, give yourself a couple of months before you propose to find the best ring. The more time you have to shop, the more likely it is to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

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