How Destination Weddings Have Evolved Over the Years

Couples have been tying the know overseas for a few decades now. First seen as an exciting “elopement” option, destination weddings have evolved to encapsulate everything you could want from your nuptials and more.

Interested in what has stayed the same and what has changed?

SAME: Amazing Venues

 Gorgeous beaches, stunning cliffs, the bluest water you have ever seen is what comes to mind when you think of a destination wedding in Aruba. The lush tropical plants, the warm breezes, the photos will undoubtedly be stunning and effortlessly more interesting than the venues you have to choose from in your home country. Resorts and hotels at these destinations have only gotten more beautiful.

DIFFERENT: Customization

Once tropical resorts realized that there was a market for destination weddings, most developed a cookie-cutter system of handling them. While having a wedding package and related services available to the couple getting married and their guests, it could sometimes feel like you don’t get to integrate your vision in what the day ends up being like. Thankfully now, we have hit the next stage where the industry has evolved enough to allow you to have as much or little customization as you desire. There are wedding planners that will work with you before you even leave your city to get all the information and details to the resort ahead of time, working hand in hand with the ones who have their feet on the ground there.

SAME: Great Value

One thing that has not changed is the great value that you glean from planning a destination wedding. In the price of a vacation, you get a wedding, a honeymoon, and an amazing experience to share with your loved ones. As a couple getting married at a resort, you get lots of special treatment along with the already amazing service you would experience in places like Aruba- incredible food, beverages, and world class beaches.

DIFFERENT: Public perception

Destination weddings used to be seen as a bit of a “crazy” option for those who didn’t really care for a traditional wedding or wanted to keep their costs down. However now, with so many couples already being through the process and so many attending as guests, it has a solid place in the wedding options to review when engaged. Society has changed the way they now look at destination weddings, making them more acceptable and something to get excited about.

Destination weddings have come a long way- where you do think they are headed next?

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