Gifts Ideas for the Anniversary Years That Aren’t Milestones

Unique anniversary gifts can be tricky to come up with year after year, and that’s something that I Just Love It knows all too well! They’ve created the ultimate guide for all things anniversary gifts all the way up to the big 50th year of marriage.


To help you make your anniversary an extra special one, they’ve listed some of the obscure and lesser known anniversary years. There’s now no excuse not to buy something for your partner or family member for a 29th wedding anniversary anymore!


If you need some more inspiration for personalized wedding gifts, check out I Just Love It’s offering here.


13th Anniversary – Lace

A 13th anniversary may slip under the radar as it isn’t typically celebrated as a milestone, but at I Just Love It, they believe every anniversary is worth honoring.


If you’re looking for an obscure day out/weekend away option, why not visit the National Museum of American History in Washington DC. It has an incredible lace collection of 45 pieces, including lace that has been worn by royalty. The museum also makes for a great day out anyway, regardless of what you’re celebrating!


24th Anniversary – Opal

The one before the big 2 5 – a quarter of a century! A 24th wedding anniversary is a great achievement and you should recognize and mark this year with something special.

You’ll still want to celebrate this amazing milestone, whilst still preparing for the big anniversary in the year ahead. For this anniversary year, the traditional gift is opal – a great option to suit every style and budget. With opal, depending on your budget you can design your own jewelry to suit your partner’s style, or you can make it an activity to choose something together.

Another reason to choose opal as your gift theme is that it’s associated with love and passion, desire – it’s said that wearing opal brings loyalty and faithfulness, something you’ve clearly shown throughout your 24 years of marriage!


29th Anniversary – Furniture

You may be thinking “furniture?! That’s not a good gift idea!” but it may be time to update your furniture if you haven’t yet in your 29 years of marriage. It’s a gift that you perhaps wouldn’t buy yourself or your partner on a regular basis, but it can be a treat. You may have even thought about buying a new piece of furniture, but you’re waiting until the right time – well it’s now!

If you have nothing else that you’d like to give to your partner to mark the 29 years you’ve spent as a married couple, we think a piece of furniture would be a great way to celebrate the occasion.

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