The Most Extraordinary Places to Get Married

When asked to name their perfect wedding venue, many would retaliate by choosing to get hitched in a beautiful country manor or their traditional local church. These venues offer stunning and historic surroundings in which to make the biggest commitment of your life.

Yet for some couples, these wedding venues are seen as simply too generic and uninspiring in which to host their special day. Some might call them crazy whilst others might deem them to be ingenious but there are some couples who decide to get married in places which can only be described as unconventional. Interestingly the unconventional wedding venue is becoming a common and popular trend in some parts of the world, although it is questionable whether these venues will ever beat the choice of using more traditional locations for the majority of newlyweds.

This blog will explore some of the weird and outlandish places that couples actually get married in so prepare to be amazed, inspired and shocked.

Drop Anchor and Let’s Tie the Knot

That’s right; the infamous HMS Belfast has hung up its old battle-scarred uniform and has since opened its doors to young couples as an impressive wedding venue. Docked on the River Thames, this historic ship offers newlyweds great views of London as they exchange vows below deck. A favourite with old sea dogs and navy merchant sailors, this memorable venue is perfect for any couple who have an interest in shipping, history or are looking for a place to create their very own nautical themed wedding extravaganza.

The Imperial War Museum who looks after the ship offers wedding packages which make the most of the ships impressive rooms below deck. The elegant and prestigious Officer’s Wardroom, the Wardroom Anteroom and the Ship’s Company Dining room all provide areas where you can hold both the ceremony and the wedding reception. Evening receptions held on the Quarterdeck can be arranged to make the most of the surrounding cityscape. If you are looking for a wedding venue which is draped in history and tradition and which has fought during wartime, then you cannot find get married in any other way than by tying the knot on HMS Belfast.

Forget Chapels and Drive Through Weddings: Try the Vegas Wedding Wagon

Ever dreamed of getting married in a registry office or experiencing a drive through wedding in Las Vegas? Well now you can go one better as this impulsive city has bred a new wedding craze: the Vegas Wedding Wagon. With the tag line: ‘Sidewalk ceremonies: we come to you!’, the Vegas Wedding Wagon is the perfect way of having your own roadside wedding at whatever part of this great city you choose. For $99, you can get hitched in less than 15 minutes at your chosen location; although sadly you will have to arrange your own transportation to that location as the wagon is not able to take you there. However, you will be able to spend the money that you save on other areas of the wedding so it is the perfect option for those couples who are on a tight budget.

Over the Internet

You heard right! In 2012 Cengizham Celik, a social media editor for a Turkish News Site, married his bride Canan Canik on Twitter. Using only 140 characters to confess their love for each other, the couple exchanged their vows on the popularised social media site; prompted incidentally by an officiant also using Twitter. Responding to these prompts on an iPad, the couple became the first people to ever get married on Twitter and we can be sure that they probably won’t be the last.

Gem Wilson is a writer understands that some people can find traditional wedding venues a little too predictable. That is why there are those who go to extraordinary lengths to create the most extravagant and unusual weddings in the most peculiar places.

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