Dating Italian guy: best advice

Dating Italian guy: best advice on how to find your Italian love description: Passionate and flaming Italian men are perfect for creating a breathtaking love story. Dating them is like a carnival, so here are some useful tips for helping to improve your dating experience and make it more successful.


Italy practically tops the rating of the most amazing and beautiful places in the whole world: breathtaking nature accompanied by incredible architecture, delicious food, colossal cultural and historical heritage make this Mediterranean country one of the best, especially when it comes to tourism. It will surprise no one if we say that Italy is a true paradise on Earth. People often go there to enjoy the culture, to feel the freedom and enjoyment of life.

The Italian routine, without exaggeration, consists of favorable weather, delicious dishes, and good wine. It seems that even the air smells freer, cleaner. It smells with happiness, joy, and admiration. Many foreigners dream of moving to Italy and enjoying it every day of their lives. And is there a better way to become a part of such a magnificent world than with the help of love? Italian dating attracts enormously and it is worth all the efforts.

Many people from all over the world compare Italian men to the hot Italian climate. Luckily, this is not an exaggeration at all. They are charismatic, well-built, charming, incredibly smart, and have a good sense of humor. The combination of all these qualities makes them super charming. Italian men are literally captivating: the style of their dating and flirting is absolutely different from any other, it is something special, expressive, passionate, loud about it. Dating Italian men is incredibly sensual. They seem to have a bright flame inside them, they approach everything with enthusiasm and ardor in order to take everything from life, otherwise, it will seem meaningless to them. Dating an Italian guy is like living in a Venetian carnival.

Almost every woman at least once in her life dreamed of an Italian guy as her partner, many turn such dreams into searches and intentions. In this case, you need to remember that Italy is still a completely different country with its own culture, traditions, and customs, including the way of Italian dating. In order to be completely happy in Italy, it is not enough to just feel and pass through the enchanting atmosphere of her country, you need to devote quite a lot of time and attention trying to understand and accept the mentality of people, their views, and attitude to the world.

There are some tips and rules to help you create a good and warm relationship with an Italian guy, avoiding unnecessary difficulties and conflicts.

  • It should be said right away — do not expect a rapid development of relations. As a rule, Italians get married after the age of 30 or even later. For them, this is an incredibly important event that takes time and a special approach, so they prefer not to rush into it. Almost all Italian men, and women too, have a well-established principle in their heads that both partners should be adults, not young when they decide to completely link their lives together. Often, Italians seem impulsive and hasty, but this is just a stereotype. They are quite unhurried, especially when it comes to such an important issue, as dating.
  • Try to make a good first impression. When you are in Italy, the first thing you need to know and remember: locals often take and remember the very first thoughts about you, the first dating, and the feelings that you aroused in them. If everything goes well, this is already a huge advantage for you. In fact, you will never be liked by all the people you meet along the way, and that’s okay. But in order for the relationship with your chosen one, his family and friends must have sympathy and warm feelings for you. It is very important for Italians that their closest people are on their side, they always listen to them, especially when it comes to mothers. You will have to put in some amount of effort in order to please your loved one’s relatives and increase the chances of a truly serious relationship with him.
  • Remember to take good care of yourself. Appearance is another very important aspect for Italian guys. They have an incredible taste and style, it can be noticed immediately, only once looking at an Italian man. They will expect a similar attitude to your appearance from you. You do not need to completely change yourself, it is enough to look the way you are comfortable and like, but so that it can be seen that you have made an effort to this, that you take care of yourself. In Italy, simple clothes, light make-up, uncomplicated hairstyles are very common, but all this is matched with such a combination that it looks just great. This is what you need to learn if you want to make an Italian guy fall in love with you.

Show respect and interest in your date’s homeland. Italian men are in love with their country. They adore Italy (although sometimes they pretend it is not) and are proud of their Roman roots. Dating them can be a little challenging, but if you show some patience and empathy, you will easily steal the heart of a charming Italian guy and create your own beautiful romantic story.

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