Bridal Beauty: How to Get Glowing Skin for Your Wedding Day

A lot of planning goes into organizing a wedding. From finding the perfect dress to sending out invites and collecting RSVPs, the average bride spends between 200-400 hours on wedding preparations. Whether you’re a bridezilla or a laid-back lady, the process is bound to cause more than a little stress.

Unfortunately, stress is a key contributor to bad skin. So, if you want to achieve glowing skin on your wedding day, it’s vital to prepare yourself in advance.

Check out our top tips to avoid bridal breakouts and prevent acne on your big day!

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1. Plan Ahead

The key to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion on your wedding day is to plan ahead. You wouldn’t leave picking a wedding dress to the last minute, so why take the risk with your skin care? Think of the lead up to your big day as a marathon, not a sprint.

In the months before the wedding, take notice of your diet and overall health. Schedule monthly facials to prep your skin, but ensure your last treatment is completed approximately two weeks before the wedding. This will give your skin time to settle and counteract any temporary redness.

The same advice applies not only to procedures like dermabrasion and chemical peels, but also over-the-counter cosmetics and treatments. For example, if you’re trying to clear up acne, don’t smear on a new product right before your wedding. What happens if your skin has an allergic reaction and you walk down the aisle with a splotchy face? Talk to a dermatologist or at least do some careful online research before trying new products, and don’t assume that a name brand should be your brand. Need an example? Consider the many Proactive reviews that are more critical of the popular product. The takeaway: Do your homework.

Thinking about a bridal spray tan? If so, get one two to three days before the wedding. This way, you’ll have just enough time to touch up any errors and wash off the guide color without losing that just-tanned glow.

2. Monitor Your Health

Planning a wedding can wreak havoc on your health. When you’re caught up in the organizing process, it’s easy to forget all-important self care. No matter how busy you are, try to sit down with your hubby-to-be for a proper dinner whenever possible. Take-out and frozen meals won’t give your body all the nutrients it needs to function and give you the beautiful, radiant skin you deserve.

It’s also important to hydrated and get at least seven hours of sleep each night. When we sleep, cells renew themselves and repair the free radical damage that causes aging.

3. Watch Your Diet

While many brides-to-be are very calorie conscious, what’s more important for your skin and overall health is an awareness of nutrition. Beautiful, glowing skin starts from the inside.

Make sure that your diet is filled with restorative nutrients, such as leafy greens, nuts, fish and other proteins. Look for foods that contain Vitamins A & E. A Vitamins, found in carrots, watermelon and leafy greens help to fight sun damage and repair skin cells, while broccoli, almonds and avocado provide Vitamin E to protect against free radicals.

Along with drinking plenty of water, consider cutting down your caffeine and alcohol intake close to your wedding day. Both can cause dehydration, which leads to dry and dull skin.

4. Treat Your Skin

Whether it’s with an at-home face mask or a spa facial treatment, make sure your skin gets lots of TLC in the lead up to your wedding. Prep your skin by sticking to your nightly skin care regime (no matter how tired you are, don’t sleep in your makeup, ladies!), always wearing sunblock and moisturizing twice daily.

And there you have it! Stick to these simple bridal beauty tips, you’ll be walking down the altar with the most radiant, glowing skin of your life. Congratulations on your big day!

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