Are You Ready to Pop the Big Question?

When two people fall in love, there is so much going on that it can be hard for both to keep up with.

That said not losing the meaning of why you both got together in the first place is important.

No matter what brought you two together, you feel like you’ve found the right woman in your lie. So, are you ready to take things to the next step and ask for her hand in marriage?

If your answer is yes, what do you think her answer will be when you pop the big question?

Getting Engaged is a Major Step

In the event you are planning to ask her, should it be a big surprise or do you want her in on the engagement ring selection?

Figuring out the answer to that question can be the biggest challenge you will come across.

For some guys, they want it to be a total surprise. Others, meantime, want to make sure she has a say in which ring to get. There’s always the chance you will seek a happy medium. Let her pick out the ring, and then you decide when you will give it to her.

Whether you are considering Moissanite engagement rings or another brand, remember:

1. Finances

If most guys tell you they’re not thinking about the price of an engagement ring, they are pulling your leg.

Although there are deals out there, buying an engagement ring is a financial commitment for a guy. As such, it only makes sense to plan such a buy as far ahead of time as possible. This will lessen the chances of you sweating out how you are going to pay for it.

In shopping for the ring, be sure to look at which jewelry stores offer sound payment plans and good deals.

2. Partner

One of the big questions you are likely going to ponder, should you take your partner with you when you go to buy the ring?

For some guys, they will answer yes, noting they want to be sure she gets the ring she desires. Others will go off of what she hinted at, thereby making it a big surprise. Either way, her input is invaluable, so make sure you receive it.

The best middle ground for this all-important decision is to take her shopping and feel her out. This way you know what she likes and what she’s not too keen on.

If you don’t want her along for the ride; how about browsing engagement rings online?

With so many jewelers turning to the web to promote their offerings, you should take advantage of it.

Let her highlight three to five rings that she finds very attractive.

From there, you on your own can then proceed to visit a local jeweler or two to select the right one.

3. Question

With the ring in-hand, the last big hurdle is to decide where to pop the big question.

Some of the possible settings might include:

· Romantic vacation

· Her favorite restaurant

· In front of her family and friends

· At a sporting event or other public gathering

· Location where the two of you first met

No matter which setting you opt for, and there are likely to be many, know that you are going to make her one happy woman.

Once she has answered your big question, you more than likely can start thinking about a wedding day.

Before you get to that point, yet, sit back and enjoy all there is to proposing to the woman of your dreams.

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