7 cool ideas for your summer wedding

Managing summer weddings might seem a difficult task in the beginning but when you get the hold of it, you begin to realize what a great season it is to get married. The season gives you the scope to experiment and get creative with a lot of factors. Despite the heat, the season is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Buying bulk flowers will be more efficient for your summer wedding flowers. We do the want the guests to stay entertained throughout the ceremony and hence these are some of the cool ideas you could follow for your summer wedding.

  1. Unlimited supply of lemonade

Yes, by cool we meant literally cool! Keep a corner for serving lemonades to the guests for keeping them hydrated in the heating season. Decorate the place with bulk flowers to give it a beautiful look. These small arrangements can make your wedding memorable in the eyes of your guests. A lemonade corner instead of a wine corner is much less expensive but would be more impactful to impress the guests during the summer season.

  1. Use fragrance to beat the heatRyan-Helen-for-Rach-6-of-9-1024x683

While selecting wedding flowers, make sure you select something with a soothing fragrance. Choose two to three types of flowers only so that you can buy them as bulk flowers. The fragrance holds a great importance in setting up a mood. If you decorate the venue with flowers of refreshing smell, it will keep the guests happy and relaxed in the summer season. Fragrance will make the guests calm and composed throughout the ceremony due to the psychological impact that it holds.

  1. Floral accessories for the winRyan-Helen-for-Rach-4-of-9-1024x683

Use floral accessories instead of generic jewelries for your summer wedding. This is both unique and cost-effective way to stand out in the crowd. The bride’s dress should be something short and sleek and the groom’s something light and comfortable. Accessorize yourself with some fancy flowers and you have yourself the perfect beach look for your wedding. You need to feel relaxed and enjoy your ceremony yourselves. So make sure you wear comfortable clothes and still slay with the outfit.

  1. Ice cube patterned floral décorRyan-Helen-for-Rach-2-of-9-1024x683

Something funny and interesting could be done with the floral decors. Create ice cube shapes and decorate those with bulk flowers. Instead of tables or branches, ice cube shaped boxes or platforms could be a unique way to go for the wedding decors.

  1. The more flowers, the merrierEI-125-1024x684

Go extra with the flowers. Compensate for the heat with lovely and gorgeous flowers. If you have a good budget allocated for the wedding flowers, you can give small bouquets for all the guests arriving. If you have a budget constraint, simply giving out a single flower to the guests would be good enough. We would suggest giving the same flowers to everyone so that you can buy them as bulk flowers and reduce the cost.

  1. Games in the gardenEI-106-1024x684

Another way to keep the guests entertained is to keep them engaged with activities. An interesting game would be naming the flowers. Your wedding venue will obviously be decorated with plenty of flowers. Arrange for a game where the guests will guess the names of flowers. Keep it a spontaneous game rather than a serious one. You can also buy different types of wholesale flowers as part of props for the game.

  1. Interesting look to the cake

Like we mentioned before, summer season gives you a scope to experiment. A unique approach in making the wedding cake would be not to use any fondant or cream on the top of the cake. Yes, a naked cake with some cherries or strawberries on the top can be an interesting look to the cake. This is actually both healthy and a cost-effective approach. Besides, the toppings and cream would easily melt due to the heat. So a naked cake will be delicious and different to look at during the summer wedding.

Everybody wants something unique for their wedding. Summer season actually is the season where you can get as unique as possible. The high temperature and heat gives you an excuse to go out of your way and find interesting things for the guests and yourself.

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