5 Final Touches to Add to Your Wedding Day

As your big wedding day approaches, there is no doubt you have a ton on your mind. There is just so much planning that goes into the day, and the hope is that all goes off as intended. You’ve probably put lots of time and effort into planning all the big items, but what about those little touches that can really help to tie everything together? These are often last-minute ideas and inspiration, and they can have you racing around trying to get them collected and organized. To help you out, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of five final touches you may want to add to your wedding day.

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Disposable Cameras for the Guests – Enjoy a Different Perspective

You have probably spent time researching photographers and hiring the perfect one for your big day and now you figure you’ve got it covered where pictures are concerned. Sure, the photographer will take professional shots for you, but that doesn’t fully capture the day. Giving guests disposable cameras to use will give you a totally different perspective and will prove to be just as cherished.

These cameras can be placed at each guest’s place setting, or you can place a couple in the center of the table to be used. Just be sure that you ask guests to use them and take as many photos as possible.

Put Together Your Own Photo Booth

Also along the lines of photographs is a popular trend happening right now which is DIY photo booths. You can lay a number of fun and cute accessories, signs, and items on a table next to the booth, along with either disposable cameras or an actual camera. Encourage all guests to take pics of each other in the photo booth before they leave the reception.

Add Humor to the Day with Groomsmen Socks

While a wedding is traditionally wrapped in romance, there’s no rule that says you can’t add a little fun to the day. In fact, fun may fit much better with your couple style than the whole traditional and romantic vibe. Why not gift funny groom socks the morning of and have all the guys matching for the photos? It’s that unusual little touch that will end up being memorable and lots of fun.

Outdoor Wedding – Think About the Comfort of Your Guests

If you happen to be having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, it’s also important to think about the comfort of your guests. You can put out a couple of baskets containing shawls/wraps/or blankets in case it gets chilly, and umbrellas. If it’s a beach wedding, you can put out items like sunscreen, flip flops, sun visors, and bottles of water.

Hire a Food Truck for a Late-Night Stop

If you want to treat your guests to something really special, you can hire a food truck or ice cream truck to make a late-night stop at the reception. You can have a pre-set menu offered that you will pay for in advance, giving guests the option to choose whatever they like.

Each of these small touches offers you a way to take your wedding to the next level and make it the day you always dreamed of having.

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