5 Essentials for a Memorable Bachelorette Party

Well, look at you. The paragon of organisation and friendship; the games are organised, the venue booked, the stretch hummer waiting and you look absolutely divine. You’ve coordinated the perfect recipe of pre-party snacks and nibbles, a controversial cake and a dynamic guest list. You’ve ticked every bachelorette party box but one. Details, darling. A bachelorette party should be a frenzy of fun and colour; you’re almost there, but for some final wicked touches.



A good host supplies chocolate and dipping condiments at every given opportunity. Treat the bride-to-be to a lavish fondue table! Chocolate is the gift that keeps on giving, tease your tongue with strawberries, marshmallows and Belgian chocolate and dance off the kilos later.

Naughty Threads

We’ve all been exposed to Bachelorette parties and bashful brides, busting a move or trying to. The uniform de riguer dictates the bride MUST be identifiable for the ease of rounds and free cocktails from earnest, though hopeless gentlemen. Make sure she doesn’t leave the house without a flashing Bride-to-Be sash and eliminate the embarrassment later; there’s no way you’ll lose her in a Learner Bride set or devil veil!

Water Supply

We don’t want to put a damper on things, but always make sure your bride is well hydrated and safe. Trade out cocktails for mocktails every couple of rounds and prolong your night with a healthy dose of H20 to minimise the collective hangover and reserve your liver the stress of a quick recovery. Your body, bride and bridesmaids will thank you.

Willy Wowsers

These cheeky little cherubs will have you snorting back laughter, as you press your lips to the tips and sip your third or thirteenth celebratory cocktail. Turn off the lights for some glow-in-dark fun or offer obliging though unsuspecting gentlemen a taste. Naughty but Nice carries a range of flesh coloured and glow Dicky straws; all products have been party tested and approved by bachelorette goers and brides-to-be. The Verdict? Hilarious!

Mani/Pedi Sets

Before hitting the town, get your fingers and tootsies in ship shape condition while you take in a chick flick together. Splurge a little and buy each partygoer a sizzling polish shade to match their personality – set up a mani/pedi station, crank the TV, heat some popcorn and get ready together as you take in the latest Hollywood Bridezilla hits.

Pick-Up Pins

Bachelorettes are not wallflowers. Partygoers do not shirk new experiences or resist the urge to chat-up the cute bartender, though, we don’t always have an icebreaker. Pick-Up pins are flirtatious conversation starters, prompting endless fun and one-liners — we suggest Please Buy Me A…It has the most potential with minimal trouble! The girls will have no issue making an impression; switch it up, swap them around and compare notes the next day!

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