5 Cool Chocolate Wedding Favours Ideas

Everyone loves a great wedding favour. If you’re planning your wedding, the favours may seem like a small part of the bigger picture but they can make a big difference to guests’ overall experience of the event. Combine your love of chocolate with your love of your family and friends by creating special wedding favours made from this delicious foodstuff. If you’re short of ideas, here is some inspiration for chocolate wedding favours.

1. Delicious Hot Chocolate Mix

Regular hot chocolate from a jar is so passé. Give your guests a real treat by packing up jars with all the ingredients they need for a comforting hot chocolate at home, complete with a layer of marshmallows and the best chocolate you can find. You can go to town on the decoration of your jar and personalise it with guests’ names and a photo of the event. Hot chocolate favours are naturally more applicable to a winter wedding but they can also work at other times of the year.

2. Tempting Ice Cream Sundae Mix

Alternatively, for a summer wedding give an ice cream sundae mix with everything guests need for creating a chocolate-themed ice cream. All they need to do is add the ice cream – you supply the chocolate sauce and the layers of accompaniments like sprinkles and cherries. Again, these can be very simple jars which are then personalised with the guests’ names.

3. Sweet Names and Photos

For a simple yet effective chocolate favour, spell out guests’ names or initials in chocolate letters. When these are presented in a pretty box they make the ideal inexpensive gift. You can also add extra personalisation or extra treats like sweets. Suppliers like https://www.morsetoad.com/ make small party favours out of chocolate like this.

4. Great Dessert in a Jar

Continuing with the jar theme, give your guests their dessert to take home in the form of chocolate mousse instead of the traditional wedding cake. This is perfect for anyone who does not really want to go to the expense and trouble of creating a large wedding cake.

5. Simple Chocolate Bars

If your budget is tight, simply print your own personalised labels with photos and attach these to bars of high quality chocolate. Leave these on guests’ tables or have the chocolate bars on the table near the exit for people to grab as they go home.

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